Time is flying.
This is my most frequent complaint. This way that my perception of time continues to increase in speed over time.
I don't think there's any way to keep it from happening. But, I can continue to enjoy all those minutes like I have been recently. Here's a photo post to say "What's up?".

This is Jobin. He's called Baby right now but he will be coming home with me after the holidays to live at his new warm forever home. He's one of the five lab cats we have been fostering for the past few years at work. With an impending move coming early next year, we're all slowly taking these guys home. Jobin was the first who came to hang out with us, and he's awesome.


Monthly Meals : Double Edition (November and December)

I never did get around to posting the November monthly meal plan did I?

I will summarize:
Pork Tenderloin with Squash Ricotta Lasagna, Tilapia with Lemon Cream Linguine, Cubans with Lentils and Rice, Pepperoni calzones and Italian Salad, Pork Lo Mein, Chicken Parmesan subs with Spaghetti, Hot Dogs and Southern Mac and Cheese, Steak and Barley Risotto, Ham and Cheese Biscuits with Potato Hash, Parmesan Tilapia with Pesto Roast Potatoes, Asian Steak with Sticky Rice and Snap Peas, Jambalaya with Garlic Biscuits, Grilled Black Bean sammies with Sweet Potato Fries, Bacon Pesto Chicken with Creamy Rice, Chicken Tacos and Spicy Rice, Thanksgiving Mushroom Dressing, Apple Cranberry Cookies, Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes, Stuffed Mushrooms, Pumpkin Cream Pie.

Next month I'll be carrying over a few meals as usual.
On the menu...


Weekly Shopping : 10/28-11/3

Another week with plenty of great deals for donations! Whole wheat pasta was a money-maker this week and I got great deals on whole wheat pasta, Kraft sandwich shop mayo, and Rotel tomatoes that all went to the Bread of the Mighty food bank here in North Central Florida. I purchased a nice big cart full of food for ourselves too and considered it the start of our November shopping. I also considered a quick trip to the store last week (that I didn't write up - sorry!) part of November, too. I'm flexible like that. The sales were suited for our family this week all around and after two trips to Publix, I still had to pop in to Albertsons to take advantage of a B1G2 tilapia deal, inexpensive boneless chicken breast, and a couple of Collin's quick guilty pleasureTotino's pizzas. I don't think the Kraft cheese was the best price I've ever gotten, but I haven't had to buy cheese for months since it was going for almost free. I can't say when Cooking with Kraft will have more coupons available that will match with manufacturer's coupons so I had to just go for it. As long as I'm getting a better deal than full price, I'm a happy shopper! Same goes for the Aluminum foil I purchased on my
first trip - the coupons were expiring Sunday so I was glad to pay full price with a coupon for something I was completely out of at the house.

At Publix this week, I spent $75.45 and saved a total of $141.17. That's about 65%!


Weekly Shopping : 10/14 - 10/20

Not a big week of shopping I thought - and then I went and bought a billion pounds of dog food. Okay, not a billion. But nine bags. Nine. We have one dog, but there has been a $2 off Beneful dog food coupon that I printed like a mad woman because that is Early's favorite food. She loves the big chunky pieces and the variety of flavors they have. Picky girl gets bored with her food easily so I grabbed a few big bags that were on sale and then just went for it and purchased the small bags with the other coupons. If we had a garage you can bet my trunk would have been loaded down with the large bags on sale but there just isn't space.
Not that dog food is in the grocery budget...
We grabbed a number of things that weren't on sale this week because we felt like it. It's fun sometimes.
I was also able to donate pasta this week after receiving an email coupon from Mueller's with a $1/2 coupon inside. Thanks!

At Publix this week, I spent $41.80 and saved a total of $65.26. That's about 61%!

10 boxes Mueller's Pasta bogo $1.29
-5, $1/2 MF
=$0.15 each!
Mushrooms $1.50
3.1lb Butternut Squash at $0.99/lb
-1, $1/1 Target
6 Publix 2L sodas at $2/1
=$0.50 each
0.81lb Tomato at $1.49/lb
2 Fresh Express bagged salad belnds bogo $3.69
-2, $0.55/1 MF
=$1.30 each
5lb baking potatoes $2.69
-1, $1/1 Target
1 package Publix sliced Provalone Cheese $1.99
5 packages 3oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese at $1.09
-5, $0.75/1 Publix
-1, $5/5 MF
=$3.30 overage!
32 oz Yoplait Plain Yogurt at $2/4
-1, $0.75/1 MF
4 Nissen Noodle Bowls bogo $0.89
=$0.45 each
Croutons $1.49
1 package Publix Deli Sliced Pepperoni $4.89
2 Green Giant stemers vegetable bags bogo $2.39
-2, $0.50/1 MF
=$0.68 each
4 Fruit Roll-Ups bogo $2.73
-2, $1/2 MF
=$1.73 each
2 bags Butterfinger Halloween Candy bogo $5.99
-1, $2/1 MF
2 cartons Smart Balance Milk at $2/5
-2, $2/1 MF
=$1 a gallon!
1 quart Publix Whipping Cream at 2/$7
1/2 gallon Simply Orange Juice $3.99
-1, $1/1 MF

(I wish I'd gone to the store after seeing the unadvertised heads-up on the smaller size going on sale for $1 this coming sale!)

and the dog food...
7 bags 3.5 lb Beneful at $5.49
-7, $2 MF
=24.43 (38.43 regularly)
2 bags 15.5 lb Beneful at $13.99
-2, $2/1 MF
=23.98 (27.98 regularly)
This comes out to the equivalent of paying $0.87/lb

For Groceries
Total Before Coupons $70.65 (w/tax and sale prices)
Total After Coupons $41.80
Total Savings $65.26

I saved about 61%
I donated $8.23 in groceries for 1.62!

Thanks again to Michelle over at I Heart Publix for matching my weekly sales ad with the coupons (and for constantly posting even more coupons as they pop up all over the internet). I couldn't do it without her! These sales are over but make sure to check out next week's ad sneak peek to get your coupons ready for the sale.


Weekly Shopping: 10/7 - 10/13

This past week at Publix was wonderful for donations! Most of my shopping the sales actually went to the Bread of the Mighty food bank here in town while I grabbed a bunch of non-toxic cleaning products and ingredients for some upcoming meals we have planned. I also used my rain check for an additional Pledge Grab-it cloths because they are finally back in stock after the clean out all the stores experienced thanks to the fantastic sale price (they were free!).
Collin's dad was in town over the weekend to come to the Gator game and on Sunday woke up and felt like taking us on a shopping spree to Sams Club. Amazing. I probably won't ever be a member (mostly because we always know someone else who is and can work something out with them to hitch a ride on their card once in a while) but I love the prices on some of their products that we will definitely use up but will last a long time. So much though, we just can't buy because we'll never use as much as you get before it would go bad. There are just two of us, and we like to entertain, but so often I was finding products I could get (and have) for a better price at Publix with coupons and sales. We stocked up on meats, 25 lbs of bread flour, snacks, and some indulgences like a giant block of parmesan cheese and a great big jar of prepared pesto. Yum! Can't wait to invite friends over to grill!

At Publix this week, I spent $28.44 and saved a total of $70.36. That's about 72%!

8 boxes Ronzoni Pasta bogo $1.39
-8, $0.55/1 MF
=$0.15 each!
Sliced Portabella mushrooms $1.69
1.29lb sweet onions at $1.40/lb
6 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing bogo 3.69
-6, $2/1 MF
=$0.31 overage, $1.86 total
6 Martha Stewart cleaning products bogo $3.99
-2, B2G1 Publix
-1, $1/1 MF
=$0.50 each!
2 Totino's frozen pizzas at $1
1 head iceberg lettuce $1.69
 Sorrento mozzarella and ricotta cheeses at 2/$6
-1, $1/2 MF
-2, $1/1 Publix
 =$1.50 each
2 dozen large eggs $1.39 each
-1, B1G1 eggs MF
=$0.70 each
2 Pledge Grab-it dusting cloths bogo $3.99
-1, $2/2 Publix
-1, $2/2 MF
2 bags Kettle chips at $3.29
4 bakery french hamburger rolls, $1.65

Total Before Coupons $80.61 (w/tax and sale prices)
Total After Coupons $28.44
Total Savings $70.36

I saved about 72%
I donated $33.26 in groceries and made $0.70 back!

Thanks again to Michelle over at I Heart Publix for matching my weekly sales ad with the coupons (and for constantly posting even more coupons as they pop up all over the internet). I couldn't do it without her! See the current sale matchup here and make sure to check out next week's ad sneak peek to get your coupons ready for the sale.


Weekly Shopping: 9/30 - 10/6

As usual, a wonderful week at Publix! I was able to use several $5 off coupons this week thanks to splitting up my trips and how many great deals were available. I stopped in at the store three times - I feel like my favorite customer service guy must think I'm there every day - I swear he was working during each of my trips and happened to check me out on two of those days. Still, he's so nice and always compliments me on my savings. This week I bought a few splurge items; some I had coupons for I wanted to use up before they expired on the 30th (hello Snickers and TGIF) as well as some I wanted to get for our anniversary picnic. I also grabbed two bags of salad for Collin to contribute to a work 'Salad Bar' party. One more reason I love shopping this way, I'm able to happily buy items not on sale and for special occasions without busting our grocery budget.

On 9/30, 10/2, and 10/4 I saved a total of $104.47 and spent $61.26.

That's about 63%!


Two Years

Happy Anniversary to my love.

Sunday, Collin and I packed up the car and drove a little while outside Gainesville to Cellon Oak Park. The weather was incredible (much like two years ago) and we had a quiet picnic in an open field, shaded by a century oak.

It was everything I could have wanted to celebrate another year. Delicious snacks, a killer wedding cake replay, and a big soft blanket in peaceful solitude.


Weekly Shopping: 9/23 - 9/29

Here are the totals from my three trips to Publix this week. I made multiple trips to stock up on Smart Balance milk and rain checks for said milk. For $1 a gallon I am willing to sacrifice room in my fridge for some serious stockpiling. Thankfully the half-gallon cartons it comes in are nice and square!
I'll be combining the trips to one list for simplicity's sake.Surprisingly between the second and third trip I hit the jackpot for $X/$XX coupons! When I got home Tuesday I found a Family Dollar flier in the mail that had a $5/20 purchase coupon on the back! I also happened to be in the good fortune to receive a Dollar General mailer yesterday for $5/$25 and was able to also print two coupons for weekend-only $5/$25 purchases from an email they sent out to savings subscribers.



Gator Bait

Saturday the 4th Collin's Granny Carol came up for the first football game of the year.
It was over 90 degrees out with some serious humidity.

But we still won! I'm not going to comment on how they've been playing this year because people have had lots of opinions and know much more about football than I do. Check them out elsewhere. All I can say though is that when you win, by a lot, for almost every game of the last 3+ years... it's kind of hard to live up to the hype right from the start.

I'm happy I skipped the game the next weekend because oh man it was even hotter. No clouds and far too many people being treated for heat exhaustion if you ask me. I'm happy to host some of Collin's college buddies for a night or a family member or two and for now stay in the comfort of my air conditioning. This weekend's game against Kentucky should be nice because it starts at 7pm, but I really am looking forward to the first 'Fall' game. That one where I need a sweater and won't get a farmer's tan from my t-shirt.

I don't know how my favorite football team will do this season. But I can tell you that I'll have lots of fun while they're at it.


Weekly Shopping: 9/16 - 9/22

What a month for pasta! Again, it's the biggest sale item (and one well-loved by food pantries) so 6 boxes of Ronzoni pasta went into the bin for the Bread of the Mighty.
I'm pretty certain that we went over the normal (well, new normal after coupons) budget for the month but I wasn't really sure where our new target would be once Collin was working and needing lunches every day. That means a lot more bread, meat, snacks and cheese to buy!

I have to say, this week's shopping trip was seriously a pleasure. I always have a good experience at Publix, especially my favorite store on Main Street. Maybe once I've had a little negativity or confusion about coupons but either I was in the wrong and just left a little embarrassed or the manager was quick to come sort out the issue. I hope I'm not in the minority when I say that I don't really have to avoid cashiers at my store. Sure, I have my favorites - Jeff and Andy I'm looking at you - but I generally try not to stereotype. I went to my store on Saturday afternoon, before the big football game was going to start but after the other games being broadcast at noon.


Monthly Meals : September and a Sick Day

I'm spending day 3 being sick thanks to catching the summer cold my husband brought home from work or the football game at some point.

Throat then chest now sinuses. It better quit here before it gets to my ears. I have the worst luck with ear infections and they have been a battle throughout my adult life. For today though, I'm downing water like it's going out of style and watching the awesomeness that is daytime TV.
Right now? "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'. Score.

Here's the September monthly meal plan. I know the month is pretty much half over, so the one's I've already made I'll put in italics. I put this list together at the beginning of the month based on what we had in our freezer and pantry and what was about to be on sale that week for the upcoming Labor Day holiday. Meats, condiments, all kinds of foods go on sale at once around big holidays like this so I knew I would be stocking up on a few more things. Like getting 4 packages of Ball Park Hot Dogs for $0. Zero.
We invited everyone over for chili dogs.


Black Bean and Corn Chili with tortilla chips
Lamb Gyros with Tzatziki and Potatoes

Burgers and Oven Fries
Cajun Catfish with Yellow Rice and Green Beans
Chicken Tacos
Meatloaf and Cheesy Potatoes
Hot Dogs and Southern Mac and Cheese

Penne with Pesto and Feta
Gumbo with Garlic Bread
Chicken Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Peas
BBQ Pork Sammies and Succotash
Chicken and Broccoli Lo Mein
Pork Tenderloin and Herbed Quinoi
Beef Tacos
Teryaki Ribs with Snap Peas and Rice
Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti
Catfish with Lemon Quinoi
Pork Tenderloin and Baked Potatoes
Tuna Noodle Casserole
Calzones with Italian Salads
Pork Chops with Crash Hot Potatoes
Homemade Pizza
Blackbean Burgers and Salads
Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

Recipes are linked where I can but mostly I just cook. If I use a recipe it's usually only once or twice for reference before I wing it and change things up when I need to suit what we have available in the kitchen. Like that Southern Mac and Cheese (I made a double batch of it for Labor Day when we invited all our friends for Chili Dogs) but subbed the half and half for milk and sour cream. I feel so 'Paula Deen' when I put sour cream in anything.
I feel like I've cooked a lot this month, but really I don't think I have. We decided to cook every night except when out with friends. No dining out just the two of us and no fast food, at least for this month to see how it goes. We're looking to really enjoy Collin having nights off now and that means being able to accept impromptu invitations to, say, Boca Fiesta! We also ate out at Dragonfly when Collin's grandma was in town for the first Gator football game, went to Archer for a great lasagna dinner with Gabe and Jenn (I brought balsamic green beans and mushrooms), and had pizza after this past weekend's football game while Collin's college buddy was here. Successful I think, with plenty of meals to go. I'm going to imagine a couple of these dishes will be transformed into potluck dinner party contributions or rolled over into next months menu.
Last night was supposed to be burgers but I ended up just having soup and Collin ate leftovers. Packing his lunch has also been working out great. We keep a variety of lunch meats in the fridge to rotate and I mix in a day of leftovers or so with his routine of sandwiches and wraps. Once a month or so I think he'll like to eat out on campus. Today in fact he's meeting his dad who is up here working in Ocala for the day.

So, even though I feel worse today than yesterday, burgers are back on the menu. Soup just doesn't fill me up. It's like, a lunch... or an appetizer. Plus, I want to keep up with this fabulous meal plan we created - I hope I can keep the steam rolling for October!

Weekly Shopping: 9/2 - 9/15

I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with posting my weekly shopping trips to Publix. Woops.

Let's have a nice summary of September so far then, yes?

Things might get long, and they're not all that helpful since all these sales are over and done with. Maybe today I'll also post my planned shopping list for this Saturday in advance. Maybe?

Anyway, this will be a long one, so here goes!


Weekly Shopping: 8/26 - 9/1

Here are the totals for my shopping trips this week at Publix (my most favorite store). Is it too wrong to LOVE grocery shopping? I mean, I liked it before I started super-couponing, but now it's fabulous. I have come to know many of the cashiers by name and the whole experience has become even more fun. I feel like such a 'mom' when I say this but it really is a pleasure to shop there. Really.

This week I made two trips and Collin stopped in one evening to grab lettuce that I forgot earlier and that we needed for the dinner that was already cooking away. Love him. I've upped our budget by $40 for a couple months while I stock up on things that will work well in Collin's lunch. Only after a few months of him working full time will we be able to really see what we need and how much his taking lunch and snacks to work costs overall.

This week I'll also be posting about my weekly giving as well as our own grocery totals and (eventually) monthly meal plans. I hope that by seeing how easy it is to give to those in need in your community, you'll pick up something extra at the store and drop it in the collection box at the front of the store.
I'm just starting out in the grand scheme of things and I don't have lofty goals. Without very much to give in the first place I am hoping to make the most of my resources so they can then reach the most families possible. One day I'd like to stop at the donation box and reach in to place my food without seeing the bottom of the bin.


Double Birthday

Gmail Chat August 11, 2010

Collin: i love you
  what a lovely life we have.
2:40 PM me: so wonderful!
  i really do wake up happy every day
 Collin: it's true
  i do too
  especially knowing that my life outside of home is improving as well
  with a new career and whatnot
  but i wouldn't change anything about you and me or where we are in life or in Gainesville or anything
2:42 PM me: me neither
  everything is just right
i'm pretty sure i have everything i wantCollin: well that makes it hard for getting your birthday gifts
2:43 PM me: that's why it's so hard to figure out something for my bday

Collin got the job.
He starts the 20th.
This is the best birthday present I could have ever hoped for but nothing I could have put on a wish list. The great intangible gift I've wanted for the both of us. I knew it would come, but the universe saved it for our 25th. Thanks.

We spent Saturday of Collin's birthday weekend accomplishing goals marathon-style in Orlando. Our day started at 8:30 when we dropped Early off at the vet for some checkup things, drove to Ikea to purchase our sleeper sofa, put that in the car, went back in Ikea to get the rest of what we came for, ate an amazing home-cooked lunch with chef Edgar and Christy at their new place, hopped over to the Mall at Millenia to buy Collin new clothes for his new job, then stopped by to visit my brother Asa and Kat (and friends) at their house before heading back up the turnpike northbound to scoop up Early Girl from her play date with Foster at Gabe and Jenn's and somehow fit a sleeper sofa, two people and a dog in my Ford Focus.
It was an exhausting day, but fun. And we were then able to do almost completely nothing on Collin's birthday except hang out, bbq burgers and go buy a (black) Wii.

Today I'm working on my own birthday, Collin is at the house finishing up a few things I've asked him to do for unpacking and probably working on these 'surprises' he says he has. I think this is the first birthday he has something up his sleeve that I didn't ask for. He knows I'm not that that hard to please and will usually just take me shopping so I can get whatever I want. He also knows I always have more fun planning surprises for other people (him) more.
Today I slept in 30 minutes later than usual, will eat Mexico Lindo enchiladas for lunch, hopefully be able to leave before 4 and then head home to relax with my love before he takes me out to The Warehouse for a birthday dinner date. I cook him whatever he wants for his birthday because he'd rather eat my food and he takes me out on mine because I'm always in the kitchen. Then it's back home to do more of nothing and watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

Turning 25 is going to rule. Life is moving right along and the view is getting better by the minute.


Big Changes

Wednesday morning Collin had a first interview for a position at UF.
Last night we signed our last papers and picked up the keys to our new place.
Tonight we'll get started with the painting.
Tomorrow I'll finish up our packing.
And Collin will have his second interview.
Saturday is MOVING DAY!
And Sunday is the start of a new year.

I know that the start of the new year in January makes sense numerically and all. I get the whole, winter will be over soon/spring renewal/warming of the earth thing.
But for me?
The new year has always been in August. Maybe it's because my birthday is in August and it's always literally been the 'new year' in my life. Maybe it's because school traditionally starts in August in The South. I know living in rental houses whose leases all have started in August has the most to do with it.
For the past 7 years August meant a fresh start, a new budget, maybe a new neighborhood.
This August means all that and more. Maybe a new job for Collin, new work challenges for myself, and whatever else life can throw at us right now. Bring it on, it all seems to come to good. This next week in my life will be crazy and stressful, but I think we're looking ahead into a bright blue sky.


Southern Summers : RVA 2010

Collin and I are back from our summer vacation and time off celebrating the 4th of July. I wish sleeping in could last forever.
I really do, even if I am a morning person.

Richmond was beautiful despite the 103 degree heat and we had an awesome time with our tour guides Meggan and Ben. We had a rocky start (getting sick on an airplane is really embarrassing as an adult) and a rocky departure (mixed up flight days and severe cramps) but the in between was sweet.

Our first night in town we went to see friends from Gainesville play a show at Emilio's. Hot Graves and Battlemaster. Metal is the way to start a Richmond vacation. At one point I looked around and was the only girl wearing color. Until Meggan came back in from the bathroom that is.

Friday daytime had us walking through downtown browsing the shops and people watching. Meggan and I hit up cute thrift/vintage clothing stores while Ben and Collin had a beer and watched some World Cup. We met up to visit Plan 9 and pick through their stacks and stacks of records. The downstairs was dedicated fully to $1 deals. Collin found some Avail, we grabbed a Steve Martin stand-up recording and I threw in an original cast recording of My Fair Lady along with the score to Disney's Fantasia.
By then we fully felt the 100+ degree heat and went to have lunch. After, we went home to just hang out.

The next morning we were off to the James River to swim. Belle Isle actually. To get there, you walk a suspension bridge hung from below US 301. How fitting - the highway that runs through Sarasota and Gainesville both.

We swam, tubed down the small rapids, tried not to trip and sunbathed on great big rocks. Eventually we found a little nook for ourselves where we could break out our PBR's out of sight.

Check it out - somehow I'm also allergic to Virginia freshwater too. Looks like I won't have to debate whether or not to get a kayak for the next time we go down the springs here in Gainesville. Too bad, but at least it's not that terrible. Just a little uncomfortable and a little ugly.

We finally took off after the boys hit 301 and went home for lunch and a sad watching of the US-Ghana game that we had recorded earlier in the day while we were out. I also have a photo of Collin on the floor after the game-winning goal, but I won't do that to him.

I took most of our photos that day. During the rest of our trip we also went to have a picnic at the botanical gardens that would have been gorgeous if not for the scorching sun. We spend some time at Ben's family home while his sister and her family were also in town, playing croquet with the little one Ava. We ate late night pizza at Bottom's Up, under the trains and highways. I hate a slice of the 'Chesapeake' that had blue crab and old bay and parmesan and omg. Washed down with Magic Hat Wacko on tap and served to us by a cute waitress who happened to be at the show Thursday night and who didn't mind chatting with us made it even better. We took an afternoon to see the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. I could have spent all day there and I only wish we'd gone earlier in the morning. There was a special exhibit of Tiffany glass and entire wings dedicated to Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Fabrige Eggs and British fine silver serving sets. Guhhhhh I don't know how I didn't have my camera that day,
Oh wait, yes I do. I gave it to Collin to take some pictures at Ben's uncle's workshop where he hand crafts guitars. Then he didn't take any photos and left it on the coffee table when we left for the museum. Boo. We also just spent time driving around. We might have walked to see the sights had it not been so blazingly hot outside. The confederate memorial and museum, The Fan downtown, immaculate examples of Southern architecture and Hollywood cemetery housing among others, James Madison's tomb.

I loved Richmond, but I do wish we had been able to make time to visit in March or so when the trees and flowers are putting on their full show.
And when it doesn't get hotter traveling farther north in The South.


Coupon Queen

Today before work (when the shelves were stocked and the checkout lanes were empty) I stopped in at Publix to get my hands on all the ridiculous coupon deals that were available this weeks sale.

How did I do?
Does paying $10.72 for $96.01 in groceries sound good?



It has been an amazing weekend.
Tons of food and company and American beers.
Same hangout twice for a show and then soccer.
Midnight 5star pizza take out.
Sweaty in striped tank tops 24/7.
Sunglasses and a Fest coozie in my purse.
My favorite song played to close the show.

Bug spray smell.
Over-ripe fruit.
Two naps a day.

The best part?

It was the little girl turning around while we were watching the World Cup at Common Grounds on Saturday to see Collin wearing a bandanna. She yelled, "PIRATE!".
Pirate.Pirate.Pirate. PIRATE!

He loved it. I loved it more.
I loved it EVEN MORE when he kept telling people for the rest of the weekend about the little girl who thought he was a pirate.
If this were my livejournal here is where all sorts of hearts and sarcastic html codes would be.


Swift Summer

Almost two weeks since my last entry and it feels like no time at all.
What happened to the sleepy summer I expected? Out. The. Window.
Well, for the most part.

Too bad my busy summer means I might not see waters like this until August.

Everyone expects us to hop on down to Sarasota again before we move in late July but with May about two seconds from being over, I just don't see that happening.

Let's see what's on the horizon.


Signed on the Dotted Line

Last monday night after I got home from work I let Early out in the yard, thought about what to make for dinner, and put some frozen chicken in the sink to thaw. Normal stuff.
Then, Collin and I drove a few blocks to meet with the woman who will be our new landlord next year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a house.