Weekly Shopping: 8/26 - 9/1

Here are the totals for my shopping trips this week at Publix (my most favorite store). Is it too wrong to LOVE grocery shopping? I mean, I liked it before I started super-couponing, but now it's fabulous. I have come to know many of the cashiers by name and the whole experience has become even more fun. I feel like such a 'mom' when I say this but it really is a pleasure to shop there. Really.

This week I made two trips and Collin stopped in one evening to grab lettuce that I forgot earlier and that we needed for the dinner that was already cooking away. Love him. I've upped our budget by $40 for a couple months while I stock up on things that will work well in Collin's lunch. Only after a few months of him working full time will we be able to really see what we need and how much his taking lunch and snacks to work costs overall.

This week I'll also be posting about my weekly giving as well as our own grocery totals and (eventually) monthly meal plans. I hope that by seeing how easy it is to give to those in need in your community, you'll pick up something extra at the store and drop it in the collection box at the front of the store.
I'm just starting out in the grand scheme of things and I don't have lofty goals. Without very much to give in the first place I am hoping to make the most of my resources so they can then reach the most families possible. One day I'd like to stop at the donation box and reach in to place my food without seeing the bottom of the bin.

Let's begin!
manufacturer's coupons are in red and store coupons are in green

Nature Valley granola bars 2/$4, buy 4/$8 -$4, -$1 =$3
$0.75 per box!
Green Beans $0.99/lb saving 0.80/lb, buy 1 lb =$1.01
Red Onion $1.99/lb, buy one =$1.03
Cape Cod kettle chips 2/$5 saving $0.99 each, buy 2=$5
Advil caplets 40ct $4.49, buy 2/$8.98 -$5, -$2
$0.99 per box!
Bamboo Skewers $1.50 saving $0.49

Oscar Mayer deli fresh lunch meats 2/$6, buy 4/$12 -$2, -$2 =$8
Campbell's Selects soup bowl or can bogo $2.39, buy 6/$7.17 -$6, -$3 =-1.83
$1.83 OVERAGE!
Campbell's condensed soups 10/$10, buy 4/$4 -$1 =$3
Baking Potatoes 5lb bag =$2.99
Kraft Homestyle Delux mac and cheese 2.99, -2.99 home mailer coupon
Doritos chips bogo $3.99, buy 2 =3.99
Sliced Bread = $2.59, -$1 =$1.59
Cheesy popcorn =$2
Sweet Onions $1.69/lb, buy 1.19 lb =$2.01
Cucumber $2/1.29, buy 1 =$0.65
Ground Beef $2.99lb saving $0.50/lb, buy 2.32lb =6.94
Ground Lamb $6.99/lb, buy 1 lb =6.99
Fresh Express salad blends bogo $3.69, buy 2 =$3.69
4 cans Campbell's Select Harvest soup bogo $2.39, buy 4/$4.78 -$4 =$0.78
Paid $0.78
Worth $9.56
assorted Mueller's pasta bogo 1.29, buy 10/$6.45 -$4 =$2.45
Paid $2.45
Worth $12.90

This week, $22.46 in food donated for $3.23!

Total before coupons = $105.99
-2, $5 Save-A-Lot $5/$25 coupon = -$10
Final Total = ($46.77) $46.88 w/tax
Final savings = $94.30 includes amount deducted automatically for sale prices

Savings of over 67%

Thanks to Michelle at I Heart Publix for matching up the weekly sales!

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