Weekly Shopping : 10/28-11/3

Another week with plenty of great deals for donations! Whole wheat pasta was a money-maker this week and I got great deals on whole wheat pasta, Kraft sandwich shop mayo, and Rotel tomatoes that all went to the Bread of the Mighty food bank here in North Central Florida. I purchased a nice big cart full of food for ourselves too and considered it the start of our November shopping. I also considered a quick trip to the store last week (that I didn't write up - sorry!) part of November, too. I'm flexible like that. The sales were suited for our family this week all around and after two trips to Publix, I still had to pop in to Albertsons to take advantage of a B1G2 tilapia deal, inexpensive boneless chicken breast, and a couple of Collin's quick guilty pleasureTotino's pizzas. I don't think the Kraft cheese was the best price I've ever gotten, but I haven't had to buy cheese for months since it was going for almost free. I can't say when Cooking with Kraft will have more coupons available that will match with manufacturer's coupons so I had to just go for it. As long as I'm getting a better deal than full price, I'm a happy shopper! Same goes for the Aluminum foil I purchased on my
first trip - the coupons were expiring Sunday so I was glad to pay full price with a coupon for something I was completely out of at the house.

At Publix this week, I spent $75.45 and saved a total of $141.17. That's about 65%!