30 weeks

That means 10 weeks to go!
Or... more like 8-12.

I can't stress enough how much I am not exaggerating when I say that it feels like just the other day I was only 10 weeks pregnant and thinking to myself, 'I have so much time left...' and Collin was seeing her on an ultrasound for the first time, looking like a gummybear, waving at us with little tiny flipper hands. I was just really starting to tell our family and friends and everything was finally sinking in.

Now it feels like time is on fastforward. Especially because I now see my midwife every two weeks!

This little girl is supposedly about 3 lbs now and as big as a head of cabbage which seems HUGE to me. I'm hoping she's only about 3 lbs (I am measuring right on target for 30 weeks) because I found out not long ago that I was 9 lb 7 oz when I was born. Good God my poor mother. I hope I am spared that same fate.
It was really funny when at the baby shower this last weekend we were passing around gifts and Erin commented on the tiny baby hats saying, 'can you believe their head is ever that little?' and all I could say was 'It better be that small!'.

Speaking of which, that baby shower was incredible. And to see my ladies, Anna and Ashley, and your moms and Sonja, and Piper was just awesome. It made me miss the two who couldn't be there, Rachel and Kara, even more but to have some of my own people there at the party made it that much more special to me. Sometimes it feels like my family/friends can get a little steamrolled by Collin's gigantic clan but not this weekend with all of you there.

Somehow we managed to fit the mountain of gifts (that was taller than Collin's sister Meggan - no really it was) into our car and add more to it with a stop at Ikea in Tampa on the way home. This weekend and the rest of September are for getting that nursery all set up and cute. We've been doing all this cleaning and sorting and moving of stuff out of the house up until this point and I can't wait to do the fun stuff like finally assemble the crib (there will be a CRIB in my HOUSE that a BABY will sleep in?!) and sew curtains from the fabric I picked out. I am excited to frame the artwork that will hang on the wall, paint something pretty, and make the mobile that she will look at when she is falling asleep. Expect some photos of the nursery progress soon - the long weekend coming up is our jumping off point and I have a big list of plans - how much we will actually get accomplished I don't know but I am dreaming big and hoping to get a lot done.

The sooner we finish the 'work' the sooner we get to just hang out with each other and enjoy these last weeks of being a family of two... plus the four-legged babies. We have plans to spend most of October just taking it easy, going on dates, and doing whatever we want.

Oh and Go Gators! Football season starts this Saturday and I'm excited for this little girl to go to her first game haha!