here we are / where we've been

Many months after my last post on this neglected blog, we're back with some big updates.

In July we traveled to Sarasota for the 4th and to say 'Happy Birthday' to our friend Kevin!

The next weekend, Lindsey went back to Venice to celebrate the summer birthdays with her lifelong friends and see Kara off as she made her way to Portland, Oregon.

In August, we both turned 26 and celebrated low-key style at home in Gainesville with an outdoor concert at the Bo Diddley Downtown Plaza and dinner at The Lunchbox with friends.
Then, Lindsey flew up to Tennessee to visit her parents at the cabin for a long weekend while Collin worked the start-of-the-semester rush at UF.

September came and Lindsey got a promotion! From Microbiologist to Quality Assurance Supervisor; from the laboratory to an office of her own.
It also marked the beginning of Florida Gators Football here in Gainesville and we had fun hosting Collins parents for one of the first games. While Craig and Collin cheered them on in person, Erin and I had a leisurely lunch at the Wine and Cheese Gallery downtown and then strolled the antique shops in historic Micanopy for the afternoon.

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary at the beginning of October. Time flies when you're having fun with someone you love. We went to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants The Jones and had probably the best date ever (the food, atmosphere, music were all just perfect).
Later that month, we drove out to the gulf coast to check out the Cedar Key Seafood Festival. After walking around the booths of antiques and crafts we dug into clam fritters, chowder, and all the oysters we could eat.
This was a fun-packed month, as more friends from Sarasota came to visit the following weekend and we were able to see some of our favorite comedians from the show Trailer Park Boys live at the Phillips Center. What a juxtaposition hearing the crass Canadians in such a formal performing arts hall! Then came Halloween, The Fest, and Cindys yearly Halloween Potluck.

Soon enough, it was already November and time for the first craft show of the year. Lindsey kicked off the season with a sale at The Backyard between Boca Fiesta and Palomino Pool Hall during the annual Fall Arts Festival downtown. Full of friends and crafty locals, it was a great relaxed way to get back in the groove.
A few weeks later Thanksgiving was held at Uncle Bill's down in Land O'Lakes and the O'Brien/McLeod family was there in full force. As usual, delicious food and love to spare (and leftovers to enjoy oh yes). Lindsey made her much-requested Mushroom Stuffing and also brought along spinach dip and a cranberry pie.

The start of December meant Gainesville's annual GLAM craft fair and one of Lindsey's favorite shows. The following weekend we drove down to Sarasota for some quality family time and the last art event of the year, the Atomic Holiday Bazaar. What a weekend! Between Festivus, a family dinner at Carigulo's, Atomic, and a family Christmas celebration complete with Meggan and Ben all the way from Richmond we were pooped but very happy people.

After relaxing for a week or so we were off again to Tennesee for the Palmer holiday in the mountains. Early wanted to get in the front seat for about 8 of the 10 hour drive, but we made it and had plenty of time to really relax and unplug (thanks to the lack of internet and cell phone reception). We celebrated with Kat's family this year, too and the full house was a lot of fun. Many rounds of Yahtzee were played, Collin and Asa geeked out over soccer, and Lindsey read an entire book in three days.

After the drive home (why does it always take SO LONG to get through Georgia? Forever I love you Collin for driving us) we were happy to see the kitties and just do nothing. Rachel, Kara and Kara's boyfriend Diego stayed for a night and we did Gainesville right by indulging on as much sushi as possible at Dragonfly, following that up with a few drinks at Boca Fiesta.
To ring in the new year, Lindsey cooked up some super snacks and we watched movies and TV with Gabe and Jenn, getting home not long after midnight so we could sleep in as long as possible.

2012 - a year for adventure!
January was pretty quiet to both of our delight. Lindsey continued to work long weeks (and weekends) helping to move her laboratory to a new location. Now, her office has two windows :) and we both enjoyed the mild weather this winter only turning on the heat twice!

Soon enough it was February and time for Valentine's Day. Collin brought home flowers from Publix, our yearly tradition, and Lindsey cooked up one of his favorite meals for a night in at home. We traveled down to Sarasota for the weekend at the end of the month to visit with the family and celebrate our friends Zack and Nikki as they got married. It was a real Pine View reunion and so wonderful to see old friends and catch up on our now grown-up lives.

March means the blooming of Spring and new beginnings. We held our annual St. Patrick's Day party with friends and lots of food and drinks. That weekend we were also able to celebrate some big news and let everyone in on the secret we'd been keeping for a few weeks...
Lindsey is pregnant!
We found out at the beginning of the month but as is customary, wanted to wait it out just a little while before telling our people. We couldn't imagine holding this in until the second trimester as so many do, so we thought it was appropriate to add even more exitement to the holiday weekend. We're beyond thrilled to be starting on the path to parenthood... we said this year was for adventure, right?

The end of the month meant the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Spring Festival - where Lindsey and her (also pregnant) friend Stacey walked through the flowers and picked up some gifts for our loved ones. Homemade treats for Early Girl and a beautiful surprise for Craig's birthday in April. That Monday marked 8 weeks for the little one and we were able to get a sweet photo of the tiny gummybear.

Now then, we're all caught up. Big news and little - month by month from then to now.