14 weeks

And it starts, the bump looks a little less like it's full of burritos and more like there's a baby in there!


The Announcement

Made it public today on Facebook. Strange when that has become the 'official' announcement in so many ways.

"The reading list for my group project with Collin - due November 5th!"

We've gotten so many congratulations so far! Thanks again to all our friends and family who have been so kind as to keep the news off the internet until we were ready to announce it ourselves. Now you can go wild!
But really, we can't be more excited and it is amazing to see how many others are excited for us too.


Keepin' Up

So I've finally gotten around to filling in some of those pages up in the header! After, well,  a year! Go me!
But really, go check out the 'HITCHED' page.
It's finally all pretty with photos and a recap of our wedding day.

I loved going through the pictures again and remembering the little things.