Weekly Shopping : 10/28-11/3

Another week with plenty of great deals for donations! Whole wheat pasta was a money-maker this week and I got great deals on whole wheat pasta, Kraft sandwich shop mayo, and Rotel tomatoes that all went to the Bread of the Mighty food bank here in North Central Florida. I purchased a nice big cart full of food for ourselves too and considered it the start of our November shopping. I also considered a quick trip to the store last week (that I didn't write up - sorry!) part of November, too. I'm flexible like that. The sales were suited for our family this week all around and after two trips to Publix, I still had to pop in to Albertsons to take advantage of a B1G2 tilapia deal, inexpensive boneless chicken breast, and a couple of Collin's quick guilty pleasureTotino's pizzas. I don't think the Kraft cheese was the best price I've ever gotten, but I haven't had to buy cheese for months since it was going for almost free. I can't say when Cooking with Kraft will have more coupons available that will match with manufacturer's coupons so I had to just go for it. As long as I'm getting a better deal than full price, I'm a happy shopper! Same goes for the Aluminum foil I purchased on my
first trip - the coupons were expiring Sunday so I was glad to pay full price with a coupon for something I was completely out of at the house.

At Publix this week, I spent $75.45 and saved a total of $141.17. That's about 65%!

4 cans Rotel at 4/$4
-1, $1/3 MF
1 bottle Red Wine Vinegar 2/$3
-1, $0.50/1 MF
=$1 for the bottle
4 bottles Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo at $1.99
-4, $0.75/1 Target
=$1.24 each
2 Luzianne family size tea bags bogo @2.29
=$1.15 each
2 Taco Bell dinner kits bogo $2.69
-2, $0.75/1 MF
=$0.60 each!
2 boxes Uncle Ben's Rice at $1.99
-1, $0.75/2 MF
I totally grabbed the wrong rice that wasn't part of the 2/$3 deal!
2 Nabisco crackers at $2/5
-1, $1/2 MF
-1, $1/2 Target
=$1.50 each
2 boxes Aluminum foil at $2.99
-2, $0.75/1 MF
=$2.24 each
12 Oscar Mayer Lunchables at $1 each
-6, $1/2 Target
=$0.50 each! Now that is a cheap lunch :D
4 Oscar Mayer carvingboard lunch meat at 2/$7
-4, $1/1 MF
-4, $1/1 MF peelies
-4, $1/1 Publix
=$1.50 each
I was surprised my cashier told me this was allowed! Not crossing my fingers for it to happen again but a wonderful surprise!
4 bags Kraft Shredded Cheese 16 oz at $3.99
-4, $1/1 Publix
-2, $1/2 MF
=$2.50 each, or $1.25 per 8 oz
2 Perdue refrigerated chicken tenders bogo $4.39
-2, $1/1 MF
=1.20 each
2 Pillsbury Grands Flaky biscuits at $4/5
-1, $1/2 MF
=$0.75 each
2 Pillsbury Savorings bogo $3.99
-2, $1/1 MF
=$1 each
6 boxes Wholly Guacamole at $2.49
-6, $1.50/1 MF
=$0.99 each
2 Contessa stovetop meals bogo $7.99
-2, $2/1 Publix
=$2 each
6 boxes Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta bogo $1.79
-6, $1/1 MF
=$0.63 overage!
3 lb Tilapia filets at $8.99/lb, 26.97$
-$17.98 B1G2 Albertson's
3.57 lb Boneless Chicken Breast at $1.79/lb
2 Totino's pizza at $0.78 each
-1, $0.50/2 MF
=0.53 each

Total Before Coupons $150.44 (w/tax and sale prices)
Total After Coupons $75.45
Total Savings $141.17, $74.99 in coupons and $66.18 in Special Price Savings

I saved about 65%
I donated $19.23 in groceries and for $3.58!

I have spent $89.96 of our monthly $160 budget and saved a total of $157.87, 64%.

Thanks again to Michelle over at I Heart Publix for matching my weekly sales ad with the coupons (and for constantly posting even more coupons as they pop up all over the internet). I couldn't do it without her! See the current sale matchup good through Thursday here and make sure to check out next week's ad sneak peek to get your coupons ready for the sale.

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