Weekly Shopping : 10/14 - 10/20

Not a big week of shopping I thought - and then I went and bought a billion pounds of dog food. Okay, not a billion. But nine bags. Nine. We have one dog, but there has been a $2 off Beneful dog food coupon that I printed like a mad woman because that is Early's favorite food. She loves the big chunky pieces and the variety of flavors they have. Picky girl gets bored with her food easily so I grabbed a few big bags that were on sale and then just went for it and purchased the small bags with the other coupons. If we had a garage you can bet my trunk would have been loaded down with the large bags on sale but there just isn't space.
Not that dog food is in the grocery budget...
We grabbed a number of things that weren't on sale this week because we felt like it. It's fun sometimes.
I was also able to donate pasta this week after receiving an email coupon from Mueller's with a $1/2 coupon inside. Thanks!

At Publix this week, I spent $41.80 and saved a total of $65.26. That's about 61%!

10 boxes Mueller's Pasta bogo $1.29
-5, $1/2 MF
=$0.15 each!
Mushrooms $1.50
3.1lb Butternut Squash at $0.99/lb
-1, $1/1 Target
6 Publix 2L sodas at $2/1
=$0.50 each
0.81lb Tomato at $1.49/lb
2 Fresh Express bagged salad belnds bogo $3.69
-2, $0.55/1 MF
=$1.30 each
5lb baking potatoes $2.69
-1, $1/1 Target
1 package Publix sliced Provalone Cheese $1.99
5 packages 3oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese at $1.09
-5, $0.75/1 Publix
-1, $5/5 MF
=$3.30 overage!
32 oz Yoplait Plain Yogurt at $2/4
-1, $0.75/1 MF
4 Nissen Noodle Bowls bogo $0.89
=$0.45 each
Croutons $1.49
1 package Publix Deli Sliced Pepperoni $4.89
2 Green Giant stemers vegetable bags bogo $2.39
-2, $0.50/1 MF
=$0.68 each
4 Fruit Roll-Ups bogo $2.73
-2, $1/2 MF
=$1.73 each
2 bags Butterfinger Halloween Candy bogo $5.99
-1, $2/1 MF
2 cartons Smart Balance Milk at $2/5
-2, $2/1 MF
=$1 a gallon!
1 quart Publix Whipping Cream at 2/$7
1/2 gallon Simply Orange Juice $3.99
-1, $1/1 MF

(I wish I'd gone to the store after seeing the unadvertised heads-up on the smaller size going on sale for $1 this coming sale!)

and the dog food...
7 bags 3.5 lb Beneful at $5.49
-7, $2 MF
=24.43 (38.43 regularly)
2 bags 15.5 lb Beneful at $13.99
-2, $2/1 MF
=23.98 (27.98 regularly)
This comes out to the equivalent of paying $0.87/lb

For Groceries
Total Before Coupons $70.65 (w/tax and sale prices)
Total After Coupons $41.80
Total Savings $65.26

I saved about 61%
I donated $8.23 in groceries for 1.62!

Thanks again to Michelle over at I Heart Publix for matching my weekly sales ad with the coupons (and for constantly posting even more coupons as they pop up all over the internet). I couldn't do it without her! These sales are over but make sure to check out next week's ad sneak peek to get your coupons ready for the sale.

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