Weekly Shopping: 10/7 - 10/13

This past week at Publix was wonderful for donations! Most of my shopping the sales actually went to the Bread of the Mighty food bank here in town while I grabbed a bunch of non-toxic cleaning products and ingredients for some upcoming meals we have planned. I also used my rain check for an additional Pledge Grab-it cloths because they are finally back in stock after the clean out all the stores experienced thanks to the fantastic sale price (they were free!).
Collin's dad was in town over the weekend to come to the Gator game and on Sunday woke up and felt like taking us on a shopping spree to Sams Club. Amazing. I probably won't ever be a member (mostly because we always know someone else who is and can work something out with them to hitch a ride on their card once in a while) but I love the prices on some of their products that we will definitely use up but will last a long time. So much though, we just can't buy because we'll never use as much as you get before it would go bad. There are just two of us, and we like to entertain, but so often I was finding products I could get (and have) for a better price at Publix with coupons and sales. We stocked up on meats, 25 lbs of bread flour, snacks, and some indulgences like a giant block of parmesan cheese and a great big jar of prepared pesto. Yum! Can't wait to invite friends over to grill!

At Publix this week, I spent $28.44 and saved a total of $70.36. That's about 72%!

8 boxes Ronzoni Pasta bogo $1.39
-8, $0.55/1 MF
=$0.15 each!
Sliced Portabella mushrooms $1.69
1.29lb sweet onions at $1.40/lb
6 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing bogo 3.69
-6, $2/1 MF
=$0.31 overage, $1.86 total
6 Martha Stewart cleaning products bogo $3.99
-2, B2G1 Publix
-1, $1/1 MF
=$0.50 each!
2 Totino's frozen pizzas at $1
1 head iceberg lettuce $1.69
 Sorrento mozzarella and ricotta cheeses at 2/$6
-1, $1/2 MF
-2, $1/1 Publix
 =$1.50 each
2 dozen large eggs $1.39 each
-1, B1G1 eggs MF
=$0.70 each
2 Pledge Grab-it dusting cloths bogo $3.99
-1, $2/2 Publix
-1, $2/2 MF
2 bags Kettle chips at $3.29
4 bakery french hamburger rolls, $1.65

Total Before Coupons $80.61 (w/tax and sale prices)
Total After Coupons $28.44
Total Savings $70.36

I saved about 72%
I donated $33.26 in groceries and made $0.70 back!

Thanks again to Michelle over at I Heart Publix for matching my weekly sales ad with the coupons (and for constantly posting even more coupons as they pop up all over the internet). I couldn't do it without her! See the current sale matchup here and make sure to check out next week's ad sneak peek to get your coupons ready for the sale.

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