Weekly Shopping: 9/2 - 9/15

I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with posting my weekly shopping trips to Publix. Woops.

Let's have a nice summary of September so far then, yes?

Things might get long, and they're not all that helpful since all these sales are over and done with. Maybe today I'll also post my planned shopping list for this Saturday in advance. Maybe?

Anyway, this will be a long one, so here goes!

Mushrooms 16 oz $2.69
Sabra Hummus bogo $3.99
Kraft Cheese shredded $2 -$1 =$1
$1 per bag
Kraft Cheese block $2, buy 6/$12 -$6, -$3.30 =$2.70
$0.45 per block
Sour Cream 2/$2, buy 1/$1 -$1 =$0
Cream Cheese $1.99, buy 2/$3.98 -$2 =$1.98
on the above 10 Kraft dairy products I used two of this great coupon!
Muir Glen Tomato Paste $1.09, buy 2/$2.18 -$1.50 =$1.45
Kraft Salad dressing bogo $3.19
Mueller's Pasta bogo $1.29, buy 10/$6.45, -$4 =$2.45
$0.25 per box!
Ball Park hot dogs bogo $3.99, buy 4/$7.98 -b1g2, -$4 = -0.01
4 packages of hot dogs for FREE with my Albertsons b1g2 coupon and manufacturer's coupons!
Birdseye Steam Fresh Vegetable bags bogo $2.39, buy4/$4.78 -$2 =$2.78
$0.70 per bag
Assorted Publix soda 2L $0.50, buy 10/$5
Aluminum Foil non-stick 2/$6 -$2.50 =$3.50

Total before coupons =$61.24
Final total = ($29.95) $30.13 w/ tax
Final Savings = $65.82 includes amount deducted automatically for sale prices

9/5, 9/8
hot dog buns $0.89, buy 2/$1.78
hamburger buns $0.89
milk 1 gallon $3.29
chili seasoning packet $0.79, buy 2/$1.58
Hidden Valley Ranch packet, box of 4 =$4.50
eggs 1 dozen $1.69
Morningstar Farms black bean burgers bogo $3.91, buy 4/$7.82 -$4 =$3.82
$0.96 per box
I used a rain check for a previous sale when they were sold out of the traditional 'Spicy Black Bean' flavor we love combined with a printable $1/1 coupon
wholly guacamole 2/$5 -$3 =$2
Hormel Pork tenderloin bogo $9.99 -$2 =$7.99
$3.99 per tenderloin

Total before coupons = $36.54
Final Total = ($27.54) $28.31 w/tax
Final Savings =$27.69 includes amount deducted automatically for sale prices

green beans $1.79/lb, buy 1.21 lb/$2.17 -1 =$1.17
Old El Paso dinner kit bogo $2.93 -1 =$1.93
$0.97 per kit
PAM nonstick cooking spray bogo $3.29
bread flour $2.53
Nestle chocolate chips $1.79, buy 2/$3.58 -$1, -$0.50 =2.08
Betty Crocker cookie mix bogo $2.19 -$1.50 =0.69
$0.35 per bag
Rice-a-Roni 10/$10, buy3/$3 -$1 =$2

Pillsbury crescent rolls $2.99, buy2/$5.98 -$0.50 =$5.48
these were supposed to be on sale for $2 each, but rang up incorrectly. oh well.
Mueller's Pasta 8oz bogo $0.89, buy 10/$4.45 -$4 =$0.45
5 Cents a box!
Cocoa Puffs $2 -$0.55 =$1.45
Lean Cuisine bogo $3.69, buy 4/$7.38 -$2 =$5.38 ($11.07)
these also didn't ring up correctly and I was charged for 3 boxes with only 1 free

Total before coupons = $43.00
-$5, Family Dollar mailer $5/$20 coupon
Final Total = $24.95 w/tax
Final Savings = $39.81 includes amount deducted automatically for sale prices

Overall I'm really happy with my savings so far this month. The grand total (for what is on this page) comes to about $84 with a whopping savings of $134. That means this month so far I have an average of 62% or so. It would have all been much better if the sales I looked for had rung up correctly at Albertsons, or if I had paid close enough attention before I got home to correct it. This is why I love Publix. Even though I will still go to another store for a serious price I can't pass up (those pork tenderlons!) I stick with my favorite thanks to their excellent shelf labeling. The problem was that either the crescent roll or lean cuisines I bought weren't part of the sale, but they should have been. So even when I didn't explicitly see a tag on the shelf, I thought they would ring up correctly. No dice.
Still, an awesome month of savings so far. I will be making one more trip to the store tomorrow and then the week after will roll into my October meal plans and budget. Stockpiling means that most of what I've bought this month is really for next month anyway. I need to get some more chicken, ground beef and maybe a seafood item or two to carry us through for protein until November.

Almost forgot! The Mueller's pasta, all 20 boxes, was donated to the Bread of the Mighty food bank here in Gainesville Florida. Over $21 in food goods that will feed families across North Central Florida for just $3 of my own.

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