Weekly Shopping: 9/16 - 9/22

What a month for pasta! Again, it's the biggest sale item (and one well-loved by food pantries) so 6 boxes of Ronzoni pasta went into the bin for the Bread of the Mighty.
I'm pretty certain that we went over the normal (well, new normal after coupons) budget for the month but I wasn't really sure where our new target would be once Collin was working and needing lunches every day. That means a lot more bread, meat, snacks and cheese to buy!

I have to say, this week's shopping trip was seriously a pleasure. I always have a good experience at Publix, especially my favorite store on Main Street. Maybe once I've had a little negativity or confusion about coupons but either I was in the wrong and just left a little embarrassed or the manager was quick to come sort out the issue. I hope I'm not in the minority when I say that I don't really have to avoid cashiers at my store. Sure, I have my favorites - Jeff and Andy I'm looking at you - but I generally try not to stereotype. I went to my store on Saturday afternoon, before the big football game was going to start but after the other games being broadcast at noon.

To start off, I was thanked by the store manager when I dropped off a few items I had laying around at home I knew I wouldn't be able to use before their expiration dates. While I had her, I asked about the recently posted Publix Kraft coupon for $0.55 off chunk cheese coupons, and whether they would allow me to stack them with a manufacturer's coupon even though they stated not to. No problem, stack away. While at the counter, another Publix employee who looked like she was about to leave saw my stack of coupons and told me to go to Target for more store coupons - I thanked her for her advice and let her know I was in on that good secret AND that I had one of my own, Family Dollar. Through their website I was able to print two $2.75 off Folger's coffee, an item that was already on my list to buy at sale price but that now was made even better. I started shopping and managed to find loads of blinkie coupons to use in the future (Taco Bell meal kits, Uncle Ben's rice, Pillsbury rolls, and more). Then, and some may consider this unethical, I found a peelie I was looking for that happened to be on Oscar Mayer DeliFresh lunch meat for $1 off Kraft Mayo that was on my list for the day. I already had a peelie from a package at home, but none of the other 4 in my fridge had it as well. So, I checked the shelf and there it was! Plus more for others who came after me. I also found a blinkie right next to the Kosher salt I love that I was prepared to pay full price for (where are there coupons for salt, right?)! I got to the cream cheese that was on sale 4/$5 and the shelf was fully cleared out. I figured I'd just stop back in another day, but as I was walking down another aisle a friendly employee said hello and asked me if I was finding everything alright. When I asked him if he could check on the cheese, he went right over and found a dairy person for me who wrote me not only a substitution for two tubs instead of two blocks, but also a raincheck for 5 more of the blocks for next time!! I was able to use my $5/5 Kraft dairy coupon with the two cream cheeses, plus three chunk cheeses that I had Publix Q's for. What a deal!
Anyway, I then had a really nice cashier who was quick and thorough with my coupons and Andy my favorite customer service rep came over to say hi and help bag my groceries. He even went and dropped all the pasta into the donation box while I was finishing with coupons. I left with a huge smile on my face and a full cart of delicious food.
Now, here's what I bought. Remember you can find the weekly ad matchup here for the current sale and links to the coupons I used on this trip.

2 Wheat Thins family size bogo $4.49
-2 $1/1 MF
=$1.25 each
2 Folger's Coffee (large can) $6.29 regularly $10.20
-2 $2.75/1 Family Dollar
=$3.54 each
2 All 2x FreeClear detergent bogo $5.99
-2 $1/1 Target
-2 $1/1 MF
=$1 each
2 Campbell's Select Soup bogo $2.39
-2 $1/1 MF
=$0.20 each
Glory Foods canned skillet corn $1.39
-$0.90 MF
2 Kraft Mayonnaise with Olive Oil bogo $4.89
-2 $1/1 MF
=$1.45 each
Morton's Kosher Salt $2.39
-$0.55 MF
FL Natural OJ $3
2 Phillips Crab Cakes bogo $8.99
-2 $2/1 MF
=$2.50 each
2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (substitute) at 4/$5
-$2 MF (2 of the 5 Kraft Dairy)
=$0.25 each
3 Kraft chunk cheese at $2.99
-$3 MF (3 of the 5 Kraft Dairy)
-3 $0.55/1 Pubilx
=$1.44 each
Cilantro $0.79
Publix hot dog buns $1.19
Iceberg Lettuce $1.59
Garlic $1.49
-$1 Target
6 Ronzoni pasta bogo $1.39
-6 $0.55/1 MF
=$0.15 each
2 V8 Fusion Juice bogo $3.89
-2 $1/1 MF
=$0.95 each
2 Northland Fruit Juice bogo $3.79
-1 $1/2 MF
=$1.40 each
2 dozen Publix eggs at $1.49 each
Jimmy Dean Sausage $3.49
-$1 MF
Large tortillas $2.19
Medium tortillas $2.29
Cheetoes Popcorn $2
Publix BBQ chips $2.59

Total Before Coupons $90.30 (w/tax)
Total After Coupons $53.05
Total Savings $84.74

I saved about 62%
I donated $8.34 in groceries for $0.87!

Thanks again to Michelle over at I Heart Publix for matching my weekly sales ad with the coupons (and for constantly posting even more coupons as they pop up all over the internet). I couldn't do it without her! Make sure to check out next week's ad matchup here to get your coupons ready for the sale.

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