Signed on the Dotted Line

Last monday night after I got home from work I let Early out in the yard, thought about what to make for dinner, and put some frozen chicken in the sink to thaw. Normal stuff.
Then, Collin and I drove a few blocks to meet with the woman who will be our new landlord next year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a house.

It's a super-70's duplex with a big back yard and a big screened patio. Two bedrooms, poured terrazzo floors, built-ins, and washer/dryer hookups. It is everything we wanted, especially the price.

I've been sitting with this post saved to my editor for a week now thanks to my all-encompassing laziness that has kept me from uploading and inserting the photos I have from when we toured the place. I think it's three or four weekends in a row that have been non-stop jam-packed with stuff to do. So this Sunday night when I finally didn't have anything to do? I napped.
And then I woke up to make dinner and then I went back to bed.

This place has so much potential I'm freaking out. We plan on lots of little touches and even some big changes. Painting and planting away, just like we have here for the past 3 years at the Second Street house. I was so wishing we could stay in our current home for the next few years while we save for a home of our own, but really there was just no way with rent that high. We'd rather pay for luxuries later when we own them than now while they belong to someone else.

We'll be getting into the house again once more this summer so that I can measure every little thing and draw up floorplans and calculate how many gallons of paint we'll need. We're also hoping that the current renter has plans to peace out a little early so we don't have to move an entire household in under 24 hours. Will it happen? I have no idea.

I can't wait though, to share the plans and progress in making this our new home for the next few years.

Oh and to drop a little red cherry right on top of this mountain of ice cream? Turns out the guy who currently lives there is a good friend of our long-time buddy Chris. They're probably moving in together for next year and we'll be taking over his place. That better explains a lot; like the gigantic furniture and baby grand piano in the second bedroom.

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