Seeds of Love 2010: An Update

Hello house.

Hello garden.
Here's our backyard as of a week ago or so
The grass is clearly suffering. Thanks to our landlord cutting down both trees in the back yard, the part-sun yard is now full sun. So it died.

Other things are doing well though - like the jasmine!
And the passion flower vine is finally coming back! It's peeking through and climbing pretty fast up to the corner of the trellis. Hopefully this summer it will bloom every day like last year.
Since we're moving I also didn't want to plant any vegetables in the ground so potted noms it is!

However I think some of these herbs might not make it thanks to the crazy rain we've gotten last week and this week that started before I could bring these wee ones under cover. Oh well! I'll see which ones to re-plant after they take off (if they do). I don't actually know what's in any of those pots anyway. Good job on me to forget to label them thinking I would write it down and then letting my husband move them on the porch. Haha!

I hope at least we get a few tomatoes and I get some herbs out of it all. Even if it's a little bit of scraggly basil or cilantro thanks to the crap I've put them through so far in their little lives.

Let's wait and see!

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