Swift Summer

Almost two weeks since my last entry and it feels like no time at all.
What happened to the sleepy summer I expected? Out. The. Window.
Well, for the most part.

Too bad my busy summer means I might not see waters like this until August.

Everyone expects us to hop on down to Sarasota again before we move in late July but with May about two seconds from being over, I just don't see that happening.

Let's see what's on the horizon.

This weekend (Memorial Day weekend) we're hosting a good friend visiting from south Florida. We've got plans for homemade pizza and hanging out, visits to our local museums, a nice dinner out while Collin is working, and a daytime front porch bbq.

Then Collin is set to take off to SRQ to fill in for his dad working in Tampa and St. Pete while his parents are on vacaiton in California.

June starts off slow after Collin returns with a (hopefully) lazy weekend I can dedicate to starting the clean-up and clean-out process of moving.

The following weekend we made some plans to celebrate our friend Jenn's birthday by floating down the springs. I'm hoping that Greg comes up to hang out and visit because then he can bring his kayak and I won't have to pay for one to keep me out of the water and away from the algae that likes to give me hives.

I hope to cross off a long list of projects I'd like to tackle before we move during June, too. Things like re-finishing a round glass-top table that was damaged from years of supporting a saltwater fishtank, painting picture frames, and framing new art I've been putting off. This will most likely happen on random week nights when I am up for it and weekend days I have free. With TV season finales upon us now I suspect I'll have a lot more weeknight time once the summer shows start (except wed/thurs. night when SYTYCD is on!!)

Then comes our summer vacation! Previously we had planned a road trip so we could bring Early with us and save some money. Well, after some brainstorming talking and fretting about how our cars would handle the 24 hours+ driving round-trip we decided to fly. I scored some cheap tickets for a direct flight in and out of Richmond from the 24th throuth the 28th. Thursday to Monday, and then I'm taking Tuesday off work too because I can. And because after any vacation I like to have a day where I can just do laundry and hang out before jumping back into it all.

Independence Day is the following weekend after we come home. I don't know yet which day I will get off work (as the 4th falls on a Sunday this year) but either way my only goals for the holiday are to eat watermelon, drink PBR tallboys, and see some fireworks. It's been years since I got to watch any fireworks at all thanks to the usual drought ban for the area. I'm crossing my fingers for a wet couple months coming up.

And then there we are - July. July is for packing in our house this year. Jenn and I also have a date to drive down to the Orlando Ikea for a shopping spree one Sunday but other than that my plans are to pack. And then pack. And then sort some things and pack them. I want to have as much time as possible because just the thought of moving makes me stress. The act of moving, now that makes me really stress. My goal is to avoid having any extended length of time where I act like a total bitch. Because you know what? When I stress out I get mean, and I'm not always as careful as I could be with which direction I'm shooting the bitchface.

Then August, when I can relax. Because we'll be free of our current landlord, moved and looking ahead to our birthdays. The big quarter-century.
Then, we can go down to Sarasota for a beach vacation weekend.

I think.

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