It has been an amazing weekend.
Tons of food and company and American beers.
Same hangout twice for a show and then soccer.
Midnight 5star pizza take out.
Sweaty in striped tank tops 24/7.
Sunglasses and a Fest coozie in my purse.
My favorite song played to close the show.

Bug spray smell.
Over-ripe fruit.
Two naps a day.

The best part?

It was the little girl turning around while we were watching the World Cup at Common Grounds on Saturday to see Collin wearing a bandanna. She yelled, "PIRATE!".
Pirate.Pirate.Pirate. PIRATE!

He loved it. I loved it more.
I loved it EVEN MORE when he kept telling people for the rest of the weekend about the little girl who thought he was a pirate.
If this were my livejournal here is where all sorts of hearts and sarcastic html codes would be.

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