19 weeks

And officially, it's a


We were blown away! I kept asking the ultrasound tech "Are you sure? You're sure, right?" and repeating "I can't believe it. This is crazy!".
So count me in as being one of the many women for whom every single old-wives-tales about gender prediction were flat out wrong. I think though because everyone else is guessing boy, they'll be even more surprised that this little squibee (our nickname we've been using) is, in fact, a she.

So the suspense is over. It is going to be SO HARD to keep this in until Father's Day. Especially considering we're about to spend 5 days 24/7 with Collin's parents before we plan to surprise them. Refraining from pronouns now that we have one to use is going to be the biggest challenge.

We brainstormed about names all weekend, found a few that we both love and will probably keep thinking about them obsessively until she arrives.

Our official anatomy scan still isn't until the morning of the 21st so I'll be back that day with some ultrasound photos (maybe a video? we get a DVD to take home!) and a full 100% confirmation on the fact that this really is a little girl, something I am still wrapping my head around... and something that is now slightly more terrifying for Collin :)

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