18 Weeks

Went to SRQ for the weekend to attend a PV graduation (SO LONG - you know Rae), the graduation party the day before, and fun family stuff like manicure/pedicures with Meggan and Erin, lunch with the girls and Granny Carol, and a sunset view on Siesta Key. The wind was blowing and of course every photo was blurry but here I am at 18 weeks.

I don't feel as big as I look in this picture... I think it was partly the dress and partly the wind! Either way, everyone had a lot of fun guessing what this baby might be at the party. Somehow we only have two votes for girl?! Seems like everyone thinks that it will be (or wants it to be) a boy. We shall see! My appointment is set for 6/21 so we'll know soon enough!

Feeling good lately - I have started sleeping with so many pillows to keep the aches away. And my feet get sore (and just a little swollen, I think only I can tell) when I stand around for too long like I did at the party mingling with everyone. Dressing myself is becoming a challenge. I'm still rocking the same pants with my hair-tie button closure and belly bands to hide it all but I broke down and ordered a couple shirts, skirts, and a pair of shorts online today. It's getting hot out and jeans just will not be an option too much longer here in 95 degree weather.
I'm really looking forward to a summer vacation over in Scotland where it will be COLD!

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