baby girl

Finally was able to get a few moments at work to scan some of the stills from our 20 week ultrasound!

This little lady is starting to look pretty cute!

It is seriously so amazing what ultrasounds can see. Every bit of her measured on target and Collin and I were able to watch them look at each chamber of her heart, the length of her bones (little arms and legs and even each toe while she crossed her legs at the ankles - just chillin'), and even her facial features. It was incredible. We were given a DVD of the session but it's playable, not a file so I don't know how to upload it here... not like my last try worked anyway.
At the gender peek we did we also got a DVD, this time of files so if I can work it out on my mac I'm going to make a movie and I'll upload that one. I don't think the images are as good, but it's her in there wiggling around so I love them.

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