37 weeks

And here I am at 37 weeks, in the final stretch of this pregnancy and I keep wondering... where did this time go? Did I appreciate all of this enough? Did I take enough photos? Am I spending enough time with Collin, with Early? Am I hanging out with friends enough? Are we going out enough while we still can - just the two of us?

The answer is really that I don't know. But I am starting to feel ready. Collin is so excited - and he's ready. I'm getting there more each day, and those days are speeding right along.

Physically I am only a little uncomfortable and I think that is a big contributor to why, at this point, I could just stay pregnant a while longer. I am going to miss this belly. Feeling her wiggle and kick (even when it's straight into my ribs!). The reassurance that she is safe in there. Protected.
I am waiting for that time when I'm so big, when she is so out of room that I can't imagine waiting another day for her to arrive that I can feel like really wishing for her to be born. Otherwise part of me thinks - don't wish this away, love this for as long as you have this with you. It will be some time before you'll get to feel it again (knock on wood) so just enjoy, and the next pregnancy may be completely different. Marvel at the hiccups, at the pokes you see from the outside. Love living in this shape that makes you feel so incredibly strong. So beautiful.

One day soon I know I will grow impatient. I will want to meet her so, so badly. I'm excited to get there, too. But right now with three weeks until my official due date and with the ability for her to safely arrive any day - I'm just trying to take each one more slowly. Trying not to speed through the rest of this time I have with just her and me, with just me and Collin.

And - for documentations sake - here are some serious belly shots!

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